Mining Surfactants

High performance chemistry for your mineral processing needs

Evonik has its base in a broad range of organic specialty surfactants. Our products, technical background, and application knowledge provide solutions in mineral processing.

Evonik produces an array of performance chemicals that serve the mining industry. At the core of that technical know-how is the production of high-quality reagents for reverse flotation of non-sulfide ores. Our Tomamine® and Arosurf® product lines of etheramines and fatty amines are designed specifically for this type of mineral flotation. Evonik’s Shur-Flo® products helps provide our customers free-flowing powdered solids. Evonik manufactures various surfactants for the formulation of dust control agents. We also supply emulsifiers for explosives and wetting agents for bio-hydrometallurgical processing. Evonik is well known for our broad range of foam control technologies.

Different applications and minerals pose different extraction challenges. Evonik can tailor make formulations utilizing multiple chemistries to help optimize metal recovery, level of frothing and concentrate grade. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific application. Please contact us to discuss your project in detail.