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Evonik has its base in a broad range of organic specialty surfactants. Our products, technical background, and application knowledge provide solutions in mineral processing. Browse products by application or simply use the text search.

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  • AROSURF® FC 2525

     100% active defoamer concentrate based on mineral oil; water dispersible; free of silicone oils, organomodified siloxane, and silica

  • AROSURF® FC 2807

     100% active formulated defoamer; compatible with most systems and for use in a wide range of water-based applications

  • AROSURF® FC 2823

     Antifoam emulsion based on organomodified siloxanes; combines excellent foam suppression and long-term efficiency and maximum compatibility

  • AROSURF® FC 2827

     Antifoam emulsion based on organomodified siloxanes; excellent alkaline and electrolyte stability even at higher temperatures

  • AROSURF® FC 3024

     100% active defoamer concentrate based on organic polymer technology; free of silicone, solvents, and mineral oil


     A nonionic molecular defoamer and wetting agent for bacterial leaching in the extraction of high value minerals from ore such as gold. It provides excellent wetting and foam control without compatibility issues